Monday, September 08, 2008

Local Daily Hampshire Gazette Story

Here's a nice local story.

A wedding ceremony and reception for the books


Staff WriterMonday, September 8, 2008

Newlyweds Priscilla Miner and Adam Novitt, left, enjoy their reception in the Forbes Library Reading Room on Sunday.

PELHAM - Adam Novitt met Priscilla Miner because she was reading an interesting book. It made it all the more fitting that they would get married in a library.

Naturally, they chose the Pelham Library, where Novitt was appointed librarian last year.

The reception was at the Forbes Library, after which they planned to pedal home on their tandem bike.

The pair met at the Woodstar Cafe, in Northampton, between last Christmas and New Year's Day. A graduate of the Conway School of Design, where she is now working, Miner, 34, was reading a reprint of the 1966 revitalization plan for lower Manhattan.

"I thought, oh my God, here's a girl that's not reading a book about urban planning - she's reading an actual plan," Novitt recalled.

Their first date was cross country skiing at Notchview, near Turners Falls, where a patron of the Pelham Library recognized Novitt, who had recently started working there.

"It was a kind of weird celebrity moment on our first date, a Valley celebrity moment," Novitt said.

"We keep bees together," Miner explained about some of the interests they're pursuing together.

Raising chickens is another, and Miner is now doing a job Novitt used to do, archiving maps at the Northampton Department of Public Works.

They got engaged on Miner's birthday at the Skinner House in June. Novitt picked the spot because the house can be seen from so many places. "So I'm constantly reminded of it," he said. "Plus, it's very Valley."

Why a library?

They started talking about getting married at the library, soon after.

"For both of us, the wedding is a coming-out party into the community, and libraries are really community centers," Novitt said.

"I love the idea that whenever we go back to the Forbes from now on, we'll have the great memory of having all of our family and friends there," Miner said.

Miner's father, the Rev. Canon Robert Miner, officiated at Sunday's ceremony.

Side Street Cafe in Florence catered, and the wine was from a vineyard in Connecticut at which Miner's grandfather John Miner had helped plant the first grapes in the 1940s. The Heritage Pops Orchestra played, and Bread Euphoria, in Williamsburg, made the cake shaped like a honeycomb.

Visitors to Forbes for the rest of the month can check out books Novitt and Miner recommended for the rotating book display there.

They include works about cat behavior, beekeeping, local politics and backyard farming - and the Erie Canal, where the couple will be honeymooning on a houseboat.

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