Monday, October 18, 2004

Google Desktop Search

I installed this new tool which is free and from the people at Google.
It seems well behaved, but I do have some comments about it.

It is certainly cheaper than the stuff from X1.
That product, which does most of the same thing, is aimed at the business user. Or the user who doesn't mind putting things on their credit card.
It's $75. It has excellent preview and other features. But it did seem to bog down my machine to an absolutel crawl.

All this is similar to the promise from Bill gates to include google-like desktop search in the next version of windows, currently called 'Longhorn'. Microsoft has removed features from Longhorn most particularly WinFS in order to move up its release date.

Hopefully, right here, I can tell you what is right and wrong with Google Desktop Search. We'll see.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

OK, how should I put this?

The other day, my friend Dave raved about some new music over on his Blog. I clicked through, listened to some sample songs, and I was sold. So today, I was thinking of getting this debut album from Nellie McKay.

But I pop over to (which is really for some stupid reason), because I have this old gift certificate (which is really a just plastic card) and see that there are actually two choices for her latest album:

Get Away From Me

Get Away From Me (Clean)

Who knew I'd have a choice?
Now, I have a small child, McKay's pithy lyrics are sprinkled with expletives,
so I wonder... do I choose the model with purer filthy lyrics or do I select the cleaner one?
Am I am compromising myself? Will I be missing something? Is this a common experience shopping for entertainment nowadays?

What should I do?

Friday, March 19, 2004

OK, I figured it was now time for me to join this whole Blog thing. So here I am.