Sunday, January 07, 2007

Home To Roost

As you may have heard elsewhere, we now get daily visits from six chickens and a rooster who live on the farm next door. They have been quite gregarious lately. Appearing in our rear yard, by our gravel driveway, between the house and the road, and in more obvious spots like right below the bird feeder. It's Rocky the Rooster's job to herd them home and keep them safe, but we have been given permission to ignore them or to herd them back home and to keep any eggs we might find. The prospect of mighty fresh eggs is more than intriguing. And to prevent any snide comments: Yes, these are free-range chickens. Lately their eggs could appear virtually anywhere they roam.

Yesterday, Lily's farm buddy was not home, so instead of social time, she managed to scout out two eggs. She took home the brown one, which she immediately put in a dish towel in a small bowl and brought up to her room. "He's special. I'm going to keep him in my room", she said. She didn't want this egg to get turned into waffle batter. We convinced her (wrongly we later found out) that they were not fertile eggs. It was only destined to be food. This morning I realized we had no other eggs in the house, and I didn't have the heart to eat the special one.

Today, Lily and her farm buddy found many undiscovered eggs, so now we have a literal baker's dozen in the fridge just waiting to be consumed.

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