Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I know you were wondering about that previous post.
Actually, I left the last sentence in for the cryptic self-referential effect.

(OK, that's not the same kind of self-reference I used in the other post. In that post I used something more like these very sentences.)


Ah, I didn’t know you liked the show Everwood.
We have tossed some advanced videos here at work.

We watched "Million $ Baby" last night.
It absolutely sucked.
I called it "Rockette".
I kept a tally of clichés observed during the movie.
Just made tally marks, no recorded details.
Got up to 22.
Kept me busy.

Morgan Freeman's narration put me in such a haze where I wondered if Tom Hanks or perhaps a penguin would appear any second.

Speaking of his Penguin movie, you'd find this interesting. It seems it wasn't translated from the French.
I also heard that Morgan has no personal interest in the creatures.

Speaking of clichés, here's a search engine for them.

Guess I shoulda put all this on my blog.