Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dreams For My Daughter - February 28, 2006

Back when my daughter was much younger, I'd "give her a dream" to launch her off to sleep.

February 28, 2006

You close your eyes and you are looking for your dream. You walk over a hill. No dream. Through the woods. No dream. Down to the stream. You look in the water for the dream. You follow the stream to a waterfall and look under the waterfall. Still no dream. You follow the stream to a field and there in the field you see the dream. There are wonderful flowers all around. You pick up the dream and put it in your mouth. You lay down on the warm grass and go to sleep and dream.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Dreams For My Daughter - February 26, 2006

When my daughter was young, I would make up stories for her. Later these became what we called "dreams" that I would give her to launch her on her way to sleep. "Give me a dream," she would say. I never did follow up to see if she actually had these dreams, but they made for a good enough end of a day for her. Afterwards I could close her door and tiptoe back upstairs to end my day.

When she was a little older than eight, I wrote a few down as best I could remember. Here's the first one I wrote. I will post a few more and tag them 'dreams for my daughter'. See if they work for you or for your little one if you are trying to make a soft landing at the end of a big day.

Photo taken late December, 2005.
February 26, 2006

There once was a girl who went to sleep and when she woke she was on another planet far far away. She was lying by a big red lake, under a purple tree, warming herself under seven suns and drinking a luscious space shake. Other planet the gravity was lighter, so every time she took a step, she would jump ten feet. So she jumped over a hill and saw many friendly children and played with them all day.

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