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Dreams For My Daughter - February 26, 2006

When my daughter was young, I would make up stories for her. Later these became what we called "dreams" that I would give her to launch her on her way to sleep. "Give me a dream," she would say. I never did follow up to see if she actually had these dreams, but they made for a good enough end of a day for her. Afterwards I could close her door and tiptoe back upstairs to end my day.

When she was a little older than eight, I wrote a few down as best I could remember. Here's the first one I wrote. I will post a few more and tag them 'dreams for my daughter'. See if they work for you or for your little one if you are trying to make a soft landing at the end of a big day.

Photo taken late December, 2005.
February 26, 2006

There once was a girl who went to sleep and when she woke she was on another planet far far away. She was lying by a big red lake, under a purple tree, warming herself under seven suns and drinking a luscious space shake. Other planet the gravity was lighter, so every time she took a step, she would jump ten feet. So she jumped over a hill and saw many friendly children and played with them all day.

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