Thursday, May 27, 2004

OK, how should I put this?

The other day, my friend Dave raved about some new music over on his Blog. I clicked through, listened to some sample songs, and I was sold. So today, I was thinking of getting this debut album from Nellie McKay.

But I pop over to (which is really for some stupid reason), because I have this old gift certificate (which is really a just plastic card) and see that there are actually two choices for her latest album:

Get Away From Me

Get Away From Me (Clean)

Who knew I'd have a choice?
Now, I have a small child, McKay's pithy lyrics are sprinkled with expletives,
so I wonder... do I choose the model with purer filthy lyrics or do I select the cleaner one?
Am I am compromising myself? Will I be missing something? Is this a common experience shopping for entertainment nowadays?

What should I do?