Saturday, May 13, 2006

This week was a very busy one for the infamous Brookyn Atlantic Yards project.

Last week, architect Frank Gehry and Ratner unveiled a new plan for the project that is substantially quite un-new.

Brooklyn residents received propaganda in the mail painting the huge pork-barrel project in the rosiest of colors, not unlike that of raw bacon. Here's just one of the lies. And here's the developer's official images of the project. You can't easily tell, but the big building is 60 stories tall and taller than the landmark Williamsburg Savings bank.

I just saw this unpublished story about Forest City Ratner and Brooklyn atlantic yards.
It's worth a look.

Also last week a documentary opened on Mr. Gehry at the Sunshine Theaters. Sketches of Frank Gehry is directed by Sydney Pollack.



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