Monday, February 19, 2007

Cheap Bullets

I feel so naive. Here I am, an avowed anti-gun guy, and I had no idea that one could just purchase ammunition online. And not only that, but one cheap bullet costs less than 3 cents.


  1. I wonder if imported bullets are cheeper?

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  3. Anonymous13.5.08

    Omg what is this world coming to? Bullets online? How awful. Really bad. Someone might buy bullets and shoot a bear that is eating their friend, and that bullet might have been bought off the internet. Horrors upon Horrors. Or it may be the bullet your neighbor uses to save your frickin life, as you drive in to your home as thives are driving out. Just be it known it won't be you saving someone from a threat. Glad ye not my neighbor.

  4. Jack D24.5.08

    David, that is truly horrible. What is our society coming to?!?Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The next thing you know, they'll be lettng women vote.

    Oh, wait...

  5. Anonymous18.10.08

    wow where did you buy the cheap bullets.. i been looking for a place to buy some.. MAYBE YOU SHOULD QUIT BEING SO SENSITIVE.. THERE IS WORST THINGS ON THE NET AND WORST THINGS THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE.

  6. Can you please inform us what worse things are out there for purchase?

    I see there is plenty of non-cheap ammunition.

  7. Anonymous12.11.08

    Definately the worst thing you can buy online is bullets.This statement is true because in a few years it will all be illegal!An then you will realize how awlful this is,the governament will sort it all out for us.JDD

  8. I am enjoying how much my mostly sincere blog entry about my shock over the sales of cheap bullets online has irked some people.

    Today, if you do a Google search for "cheap bullets" (in quotes or not), you will find this blog in the first few results.

    Hmmm, perhaps I should start selling my own cheap bullets?

  9. Anonymous15.12.08

    Those things that have you so worried are called "cartridges". "Bullets" are the bits of metal at the front of 'em...

    You should try to use correct terms. Otherwise you might seem to be an ignorant twit.

  10. You mean those cheap bullets don't come with the cartridges? Man, no wonder they are cheap. Thank you so much for the clarification.

    Maybe I will call this stuff 'ammunition'. In my opinion, 357 Magnun ammunition should not be for sale on the web. I know, because I'm well versed in popular handguns like the Colt 45 (or is that a beer?).

  11. Anonymous29.1.09

    Everthing that can be had is available on teh interwebZ. Often cheaper than at a "storefront" due to low overhead & high sales volume. Deal with it, hoplophobe.

  12. Hoplophobe? For a person with such a vocabulary, you surprise me with your problems correctly writing and spelling the other words in your post.

    Any fear of too many humans with guns is hardly irrational.

    Actually, I didn't know one could mail-order ammunition, which as you know is often used to kill living things. Also, sometimes it's used on inanimate objects, to make loud noises, and to show off.

  13. Anonymous30.1.09

    Education is a progressive discovery of your own ignorance. At least David is learning something. Maybe he will enquire more deeply into the actual motivations of the people buying all that ammo rather than accepting the knee jerk stereotypes he seems to have of them now. They are just as likely to be true as the mental picture some here have of David...

  14. Finally, some rational feedback.

    And back to the topic: Guns don't kill people. Bullets kill people. And bullets are cheap on the internet.

  15. Anonymous31.1.09

    David, if we were considering causes of death and targeting the most prevalent, bullets aren't in the top 10 in the USA.

    By the government's own statistics, we would be working to prevent heart attack, cancer, strokes, emphysema and then we would move on to ban automobiles (or at least figure out how to keep drunks outt of the driver's seat!)

    Why are you really interested in this issue, and why is it a higher priority than the above mentioned?

  16. Deaths by bullets are not a low priority for me. But it is easier to fix this (and arguably more-important) than to simply cure cancer, strokes, or emphysema.

    I know that serial killers are not very common. I know that virtually every crime show on TV includes one or more murders by firearms. I know that I feel safe to walk the streets of New York City today (where most guns are illegal). I know people who hunt safely and eat what they kill. I know others who carry firearms legally and in an official capacity.

    But I also know that according to the CDC there were over 200,000 firearm deaths in the United States from 1999 to 2005. And that has a trickle-down effect on the lives of millions of others. Guns are often usually the weapon of choice in murders world-wide. Guns are a weapon of war, death, and destruction.

  17. Anonymous17.2.09

    Nice argument and bickering. But the simple answer is ...and it's an old argument... if you remove guns or the ammo..legally, then only criminals will have them.
    The forefathers of this country were smarter than all of us today. They knew exactly what it meant to allow us to remain armed. I want the ability to protect my family and my life with the many weapons I own. As the economy continues to fall, you can bet your life, robberies and home invasions will rise. When you're in your home, and someone with a cocked and locked 44 mag walks through your front door, what will you do? He's high on something and does not care if he kills you or not, or maybe he will kill just for kicks. Dialing 911 will only bring in the clean up crew. YOU have to take care of YOU. Guns and bullets do not kill people. STUPID people kill people. Know your gun, know the safety rules and they are as safe as eating peanut butter.

  18. Anonymous22.2.09

    welll now looks we got owr selves a show down. i can solve this easy. david choose your non firearm weapon (limeted to Pre 1700 weapons) and Anonymous u sir get a 120mm rifled bore depleted uranium round shooting tank complete with the US constitution as your licence plate the 2nd admendment as your bumper sticker. whos guna win Mr. Pansy gun hater or the Gun Lover? you say guns kill people or bulltes kill people no its people who kill people we've been doin it for thousands of years. ifn my house gets broken into guess what mr. hoped up on drugs is guna get? a bullet in his head i live to use our constitional given right to have guns, use guns, buy guns, buy ammo for my guns, and if need be sell my beuties

  19. Anonymous22.2.09

    and if Obama want to take my guns we will see just how many comply

  20. I thought you were serious about the duel thing until that comment about Obama. You have to be dreaming if you think he is going to go after your guns. He has nukes and armies. What does he want with your puny guns?

  21. Anonymous25.3.09

    Guns kill people just like spoons made Rosie O'Donnel fat!!!

  22. What a misguided analogy.

    Guns definitely do kill people.
    30,000 people were killed by firearms in 2005 according to the Center for Disease Control.

    Perhaps 1,000 gun deaths a year are accidents. (One accident near here included an 8 year old boy who couldn't control an Uzi at a gun show. I wish I made this one up.)

    I'll also grant that it's usually people pulling the trigger, so the bumper sticker is right that "people kill people". But most murders in the US are done with guns, so it would be silly to ignore thsy.

    Now, it's common knowledge that Rosie O'donnell is overweight. And I'm sure that the cause is genetics, metabolism, diet, behavior, or access to food. But I doubt the cause is access to silverware.

    More importantly, Rosie can't make someone else fat with her spoon. But she certainly could kill someone with a gun.

  23. Anonymous2.4.09

    While it is commonly accepted that guns do kill people, you need to check your facts. Guns account for only about 30% of violent crime each year. The Brady Campaign stated that there would be a skyrocket in gun crime when the Clinton '94 assault weapons ban sunset but the reality is that violent crime has still continued to fall just as it was before the ban.
    Finally, check around on your Google searches for crime statistics of Great Britain. Check out how the strict regulation and virtual ban of all firearms especially handguns have made an impact on violent crime and murder. Their violent crime rate has gone up over 350% in the 12 or so years since their ban. Their law enforcement officers are finding it necessary to carry firearms for the first time in many years. Do you think the fact that the right to bear arms was taken away from the law abiding citizens of that country led to their rise in violent crime?

  24. I swear I have just been reading about recent extreme gun violence in Mexico due to lax gun laws here. Hmmmm. I wonder where I heard that?

  25. Anonymous30.4.09

    A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity. Sigmund Freud

    And bullets are pretty useless without the weapons that fire them. Unless you're dumb enough to pour gas on them and light them on fire. In that case, you deserve a Darwin Award.

  26. Anonymous30.4.09

    Bullets and guns don't matter. It's all the person who's behind the barrel, and what they have against the people in front of the barrel. Replace that guy's gun with a base ball bat or a knife. If it still matters to him, people will get hurt.

    Bats and knives don't need to be reloaded either, and they're REAL cheap on the internet.

  27. Anonymous9.5.09

    ware are you finding rounds under 4 cents i cant find anything less than 10

  28. Anonymous22.5.09

    I need cheap bullets... the more the better!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, there's idiots that collect stamps, coins, and other crap... I target shoot. Bunch of whiners want to take away my hobby. Bullshit!!!!!!!! Get lives!!!

  29. I believe you are exaggerating (and probably whining).

    I don't think you can come up with an example of anywhere in the country that has banned target practice.

  30. Anonymous4.8.09

    you have to look at it this way. bullets or a gun cant work with out the person using them why do you keep saying guns kill people its not the guns killing them its the people. you need to grow up and worry about stuff that matters. like robots who will turn on us and kill us using guns. so we all need to get together. and bring our guns down and kill all the robots. like that asimo from Honda. that is the first in the line of people killing robots. but wait that just sounds stupid right. well that is how you sound. by saying that it is guns and bullets that kill people. its people who kill people not guns so get your mind right and wake up to reality fool you are a tard

  31. Anonymous4.8.09

    oh and why dont you go out and try shooting. and see if you like it before condemning it. i have a gun and i shot. i like to shot at targets. and i even load my own ammo.i have never shot anybody. so does that make me a bad person i dont think so tard try being smarter then a 5 year old before coming back. and crying about how guided missiles kill the innocent. or how knifes kill people. remember its people who kill people not objects

  32. Unfortunately, you get stories like the guy around here only yesterday who was pulled over driving drunk. He had 3 loaded guns on his front seat.

    No robots. Just one drunk with 3 guns.

    This is from the newspaper:

    (He) was placed under arrest, police found three fully loaded firearms in his truck, none of which had safety locks. One of the weapons, a Glock 17 pistol, had three large-capacity magazines, one of which was loaded into the handgun.

    While being interviewed by police, (he) admitted that he left the guns unattended from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., while he was at a bar for a birthday party.

  33. Anonymous7.8.09

    and you know what he is a person. so if he killed somebody with the gun it is a person killing not a weapon out on its own killing. your logic is flawed and juvenile. and i have a military and police model that has no safety's on it. that is how it was sold so should i be arrested for having it. i dont think you see the big picture. guns dont kill bullets dont kill bombs dont kill missiles dont kill its the people behind them that are doing the killing. once you realize that then you wont be so butt hurt about bullets being sold for cheap or on line. i bought all my loading equipment on-line cause it was cheaper. you are looking at this all wrong man. there is nothing wrong with weapons or bullets its the people who make them dangerous. or cant you see that

  34. I certainly agree that it is people who pull the trigger. But I also know that it is too easy to obtain guns and that many of them exist mainly to kill people.

  35. Guns don't shoot people, 6 year olds do.

    PATERSON, N.J. — Police have arrested a 23-year-old man they say left an illegal, loaded handgun in the bedroom he shared with a 5-year-old child.
    The child was accidentally shot and killed by a 6-year-old relative after the two boys discovered the gun while playing.
    Jalik Jones was charged Monday with reckless manslaughter and firearms violations.
    Five-year-old Daron Mayes was shot in the back of the head around 8:20 p.m. Sunday in his Paterson home.
    Chief Assistant Passaic County Prosecutor John Latoracca says the 6-year-old was playing with Mayes when the pair found the gun.
    Authorities have not specified how Jones was related to the boys.