Friday, December 14, 2007

American Girl Fashion

Recently, we visited American Girl Place in New York City. My daughter knew exactly what she wanted from her study of their catalog. We grabbed the new Julie doll, some accessories and got out of there.

I was curious what else there was in the store, but my daughter did not want to see anything else. She was done shopping. "Why should I look any more? Since I used all my money, I won't be buying anything else."

I found a beauty salon for dolls with a large crowd waiting for their turn to have their American Girl coiffed.

I hope that you can read the fine print in this sign. Just click on the image to see a larger version. I could not make it out in the store while I was there, which is why I took this picture. The average doll hair-do costs $10 to $20. That's how much I still pay for my real hair (what's left of it) at the barber shop. But then again I'm not 18 inches tall and don't get braids anymore.

On a related note, this doll (pictured below) during a recent fashion show at our home is sporting a hand sewn skirt, hand knit sweater and hat. It was purchased at a craft fair at a nearby senior home. My daughter bargained them down to $15. I'd kill to get such a nice outfit for my real daughter.

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