Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chance Eats Grass

I grew some grass for our cat Chance at work. She's a complete indoor cat, so doesn't see the real stuff too often unless I grow some. She sometimes makes a mess of my houseplants by chewing on them. My co-worker and friend Susan joined in to grow a pot for her cat Bettie. I had some seed packets which were meant for cats, so reading the contents I improvised a seed mix of rye grass (regular lawn seed), oat berries, wheat berries, and spelt berries. The latter three were from the pantry. Most of it sprouted just fine and within a week and a half I had this cat treat.
Chance took to it right away.

Yum! That was last night. This morning I found some puked up grass and foamy cat stuff on the floor. I think they are supposed to like doing that. I hope.


  1. Dave, I love these pics, especially the last one - that tongue! :-) I think the foamy upchuck is part of that cat grass chain of events, yes. I've dug out some whole oats with I plan to start our next batch.

  2. PS - That's a very pretty kitty!!